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Harvest Main Site

A categorized list of my various responsibilities can be found below. For more specific information including code examples and demos, please contact me. 

Development Lead

  • Provide personalized third-party and custom training based on the needs of the team.
  • Research and analyze development tools and software for workflow integration planning.
  • Understand browser-support needs by measuring usage and revenue.
  • Perform team code audits for training and optimization.
  • Integrate with third-party APIs sometimes by working directly with vendors to create custom endpoints.
  • Build business intelligence reports from available sources (Google Analytics, database, SugarCRM, etc)
  • Deploy Docker containers to Google Container Engine using Kubernetes for autoscaled infrastructure.
  • Create and manage loosely-coupled Docker containers.

Web Developer

  • Write clean, efficient, reusable, and testable code that follows industry best practices and philosophies.
  • Create and maintain developer and end-user documentation.
  • Automate repetitive tasks for development workflow as well as applications.
  • Build responsive applications and websites that consider network and hardware limitations.
  • Create A/B and multivariate content experiments through Google Analytics to increase revenue stream.
  • Integrate with MailChimp and SugarCRM APIs for better email and user management.
  • Refactor inefficient legacy “spaghetti code” to be reusable and testable.


  • Work with administration on achieving organizational objectives.
  • Resolve conflicts among the team and departments.
  • Interview and hire new team members.
  • Monitor and negotiate department budgets to meet department and organizational.
  • Evaluate employee performance and create action plans for professional growth.
  • Work with HR to develop and implement organizational policies.
  • Educate department employees on new HR policies and proxy questions or concerns that arise.
Harvest America

One of many properties of Harvest found at The biggest component that makes this site stand out is the major SugarCRM integrations.  Contact me for more details.

Ark of Noah

Ark of Noah is a full size replica/theme park of the Ark described in the Bible. They were trying to raise money to move it around the world and needed a white-labeled experience to donate money online.

I used Zend Framework 2 to build a custom donation experience with reporting and data analysis.

Fresh Appointments

Fresh Appointments was an all-in-one online real-time scheduling software. It handled everything involving appointments from scheduling to payment. It allowed users to run their entire business out of a single software. In addition to the full-service desktop interface, this service even provided mobile apps which allowed users to offer pay for their services through a card reader integration.

I was responsible for nearly all technical aspects of this service. I created the infrastructure, built out the entire service, built the mobile apps including the card reader integration, as well as handled some of the technical support. This project took nearly two years to complete as it was built as a side-project so I was only able to commit a handful of hours per week.

The service was built on a standard LAMP stack with on a custom MVC framework with an additional NodeJS service layer for the real-time socket capabilities. The mobile apps were built using native Objective C and Java and the card readers and accompanying SDK were provided by IDTech.

Fancy Pants Styles

Fancy Pants Styles is a upscale clothing retailer with brick-and-mortar stores as well as an online merchant. They run their online store with Magneto 1 and required a migration to a new hosting company.


MyNextGig was a job site that allowed job-seekers and employers to find each other similar to how dating sites work.

I did quite a bit for this project including payment integrations and updating their custom MVC framework.

Wireless Buybacks

Wireless BuyBacks is one of the biggest mobile phone resellers in the country. They buy and sell phones in bulk from companies like Best Buy. They needed an online web process to allow their customers to submit orders. I built this process into their existing WordPress site as a plugin.

Uber Audio WordPress Plugin

Uber Audio was a premium WordPress Audio Player before WordPress released their own native audio player. This plugin allowed users to create playlists, link to or upload music, and had a variety of ways to include and customize the players into their site. The flagship feature of this plugin was the live visual shortcode editor that allowed users to customize and use the player before inserting it. This plugin had about 800 purchases before being made obsolete by WordPress releasing something very similar of their own.

I did not create the design of the plugin but I did everything else.

Refine Church Theme

The Refine Church Theme was a WordPress theme designed for small churches with all of the basic needs that a church may have. Built in a time with fancy WordPress interface tools, it had many options for customization including sliding banners, social integrations, and event feeds.

I was provided the designs and built it out in WordPress.