Fresh Appointments

Fresh Appointments was an all-in-one online real-time scheduling software. It handled everything involving appointments from scheduling to payment. It allowed users to run their entire business out of a single software. In addition to the full-service desktop interface, this service even provided mobile apps which allowed users to offer pay for their services through a card reader integration.

I was responsible for nearly all technical aspects of this service. I created the infrastructure, built out the entire service, built the mobile apps including the card reader integration, as well as handled some of the technical support. This project took nearly two years to complete as it was built as a side-project so I was only able to commit a handful of hours per week.

The service was built on a standard LAMP stack with on a custom MVC framework with an additional NodeJS service layer for the real-time socket capabilities. The mobile apps were built using native Objective C and Java and the card readers and accompanying SDK were provided by IDTech.

Project Info
  • Company : Fresh Appointments
  • Date : 2013-01-01
  • Role : Webmaster